SSH Instructions

To setup remote re-configuration of rigs / remote viewing using SSH and screen:


On each rig you wish to ssh into ensure:


in 1bash

have your phone or a pencil and paper with you as you will also need the ip address of each rig:

to find the ip:

scroll to the top of the mining process where is shows:

find this ip and record it with a picture or write it down / save it to a text file ect.

When you have finished this with each rig; go to the computer you are going to use to ssh from:


If it is a windows computer I recommend using putty: for this as it will let you use as many instances into as many rigs as you want.

for each rig open a new putty instance then enter:


replacing ipaddress with the miners ip from eariler; if it was, then you would enter:

and click open
confirm your intent to access the system if asked, then enter password: “miner1″when promptedThen move on to the Reconfigure section below:If you are on a linux computer:open a terminal and enter:
sudo apt-get install openssh-client

when it is done:for each rig open a new terminal instance or tab then:enter:

ssh m1@ipaddress
replacing ipaddress with the miners ip from eariler; if it was, then you would enter:
ssh m1@
confirm your intent to access the system if asked, then enter password: “miner1” (without quotes)
when prompted
Then move on to the Reconfigure section below:

after SSHing into a rig:open 1bash with nano:
nano '/home/m1/1bash'
make changes / edits; then press ctrl + shift + X to quit selecting Y to save changesThen:
we need to kill the current mining process by entering:
pkill -e miner

now we have stopped the GPU mining process

SCREEN: after killing the current mining process: enter this to prevent a possible error:
export DISPLAY=:0

Then attach to the current mining process screen (v0018 will auto restart the mining process):

screen -r miner

if you are updating for _Parallax_ Mode enter:

pkill -e gnome-terminal


bash '/home/m1/2unix'
and you have remote viewing of the mining process in this screen.
you can close the ssh session (window / terminal) whenever desired
then later reSSH in and enter:
screen -r miner

to return to the mining process whenever desired.
If you are at this point and have a farm command center PC:  Congratulations!  Grin

Right now the simplest way to setup Internet access to your rigs is this:
Setup a single computer with SSH sessions into each rig (I recommend saving each session config or making a file with the settings to launch each.)
On this computer install Teamviewer or a similar application.
Connect via your mobile / tablet / work computer ect to the control computer with Teamviewer or similar application, then on that rig Monitor / reconfigure each rig via its SSH session.
This should be reasonably simple (given the complexity of what you are doing) to setup. See the _Parallax_ Mode guide for autoupdating oneBash Link
Additional useful cmds for Screen from UberDaemon:To detach from a screen (i.e. you want to close the SSH connection while mining continues afterwards) it’s

CTRL + a + d

To reattach to a screen (resume connection) it’s

screen -x [name you gave the screen session]

# once you’ve typed 3-4 characters hit the tab key and it will fill out the rest and save you some typing

If you can’t remember what you named the session use:

screen -ls

If you are new to screen you may not know you can open a 2nd shell and switch back and forth (i.e. your miner is running on one shell and you open a 2nd to run nvidia-smi):once in screen you create a 2nd shell (or 3rd, 4th, etc) with

CTRL + a + c

To switch back and forth use:
CTRL + a + n

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