How to update from v0019-1 to v0019-3

v0019-1 update:

Lots of changes; please keep in mind this update is beta: it will most likely have some bugs, if you don’t want to deal with any bugs you can wait until any issues have already been found and fixed by the community.

Before updating; please copy your 1bash (and any other files you have changed/customized) to a different directory (such as the desktop).

To update:
open 1bash with gedit and ensure:


close any terminal currently open; then:

open a guake terminal ( press f12 ) and type the following, then press enter:

bash 4update

This will launch 4update which will update your 2unix file.
When 4update is done; gnome-terminal will auto launch.
The new 2unix will detect your v0019 is not -1 and launch the update.
The update will install all system updates including the newest Nvidia driver.  Then update nvOC files.
When it is done your rig will reboot automatically.
Your 1bash will be copied to a file named: your_old_1bash as a new version is required for some of the updates.
You can copy and paste your pools / addresses into the new 1bash.  ( I will eventually automate this)
v0019-1 can support up to 19x GPUs; however it is unlikely you will be able to get more than 13x GPUs to work correctly with the new Asus 19x mobo.
Edit Additional info:
Lots of new COIN selections from damNmad and some from papampi.  I will add a full change log to the OP later today.

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