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BitcoinGold mining in

Be sure to validate your BTG account -> If you are using to mine BTG (you can also find HUSH, Electron [...]

Add ccminer-Xevan to nvOC

full kudos to damNmad for this one! Get the image file from the sourcecode location wget [...]

Adding Nicehash Cryptonight to your coin selection

Find this variable in 1bash and make sure you had your BTC address filled with : BTC_ADDRESS="replace_with_your_BTC_address"BTC_AD [...]

Bitcoin Gold Mining in Suprnova

Be sure to validate your BTG account -> If you are using suprnova to mine BTG use these below : Make sure you set the [...]

ETH mining on Nanopool with email

To use nanopool, first ensure that this option has been set to ‘SLASH’ in your 1bash (thanks to damNmad) DOT_POOL_FORMAT_or_FORW [...]

Additional Telegram information

Below is a telegram post that is customized. To have the same information follow the instructions below. (thanks to DamNmad) Worker: nRIGNVO [...]

How to prevent automatic updates

To prevent automatic updates in the future: use your favorite editor, openĀ /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodicĀ and change: APT::Periodic::Updat [...]

How to update from v0019-1 to v0019-3

v0019-1 update: Lots of changes; please keep in mind this update is beta: it will most likely have some bugs, if you don’t want to dea [...]

SSH Instructions

To setup remote re-configuration of rigs / remote viewing using SSH and screen: PREP RIGS: On each rig you wish to ssh into ensure: SSH=&quo [...]
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